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Our story

Our story began in 1994, when our senior management team believed that an efficient talent and outsourcing agency had the potential to make a significant impact in the UAE. While outsourcing was still a sunrise sector in the country, Innovations Direct Employment Services was created with just two outsourced employees, and that laid the foundation for Innovations Group of Companies.With a vision of excellence & vision, our team launched Innovations UAE. Along with hard work and a commitment to optimizing outsourcing processes for our clients, we have brought this vision to life over two decades by consistently delivering comprehensive and specialist services. We have developed a comprehensive range of employee solutions, from staffing and recruitment to payroll, accounting, and HR operations, and achieved ISO certification that attests to our service excellence. Over the last two decades, Innovations UAE has emerged as a leader in employee outsourcing and has the largest number of white-collared staff outsourced in the UAE. While market trends, business objectives, employee expectations, and industry developments have evolved over the years, the organization has succeeded in constantly innovating and revolutionizing outsourcing processes to hire the best talent. We have on- boarded over 40,000 candidates to organizations across the UAE. We have extended our vision by diversifying into multiple industries including but not limited to banking, financial services, telecom, retail, IT, and government. Our growth trajectory matched our ambition as we became UAE's largest outsourcing company. We are recognized by the Department of Labor, Dubai, and we also have an independent desk to hire Emiratis. Our quest to reimagine outsourcing has given us the reach to provide our services within Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain as well.